Dr. Manasi Ranade


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    04.00 AM - 08.00PM
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About Dr. Manasi Ranade

MA in applied psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology.
RCI registered psychologist (RCI NO. A58139)


  • Psychological assessment including IQ, personality, clinical assessment for children, adolescents and adults.
  • Individual Counselling and therapy for psychological distress and various disorders with focus on CBT-REBT.

Other areas of work and expertise:

Intervention and rehabilitation for child and adult survivors of child sexual abuse(CSA) as well as awareness , prevention programmes for parents, teachers and planning community based programmes through various workshops.
Dealing with mental health concerns and psychological, personality development for LGBTQIA+ community members through counselling, therapy, psychological assessment etc.
Also as part of psychological fitness evaluation, perform psychological assessment for trannsgender population who wish to undergo gender reassignment therapy/surgery


  • 14 Years Experience Overall


  • +91 7757842184 / +91 7888241241