Dr. Kalyani Ghodke


  • Monday - Saturday
    04.00 AM - 08.00PM
  • Phone
    +91 7757842184 / +91 7888241241

About Dr.Kalyani Ghodke

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Key Skills:Psychometric Assessment and Individual Counseling

  • D.Q. and I.Q. Testing
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Personality Assessment (MMPI etc)
  • Projective Testing (CAT,TAT and Rorschach etc)
  • Neuro-cognitive Assessment (Memory scale etc)

Online sessions

  • “How to reduce children’s screen time” in collaboration with Atman Psychology Studio.
  • “भावनिक समतोल- जेष्ठ” in collaboration with Lokmat and Ek Disha Manvantar.
  • “व्यसि म्हणजेकाय?” मोकळेव्हा सदर in collaboration with Sakal news paper.
  • “Keys to know your child” with Parenting Online Summit’s Parenting Champions.